JaC64 - a 100% Java C64 Emulator

JaC64 is a Commodore 64 emulator completely written in Java and therefore runnable from a modern web-browser.

Supported features

  • CPU 6510, most of the 6510/02 instructions (inluding many undocumented)
  • RAM/ROM and Bank Switching (ROM - on / off, IO on / off)
  • Interrupts (IRQ, NMI) from raster, sprites, CIA timers, etc.
  • VIC Graphics (text modes, hi-res, multicolor) - instruction/cycle based, sprites (normal, expanded, multicolor, collisions)
  • SID (6581) Sound, with support for most of the SID features such as 3-oscillators/4 waveforms + mix, ADSR, synch., ring-mod, filters, etc.
  • CIA - timers
  • Keyboard & Joystick
  • Support for .d64 .prg/p00 and .t64 files (directly into memory, no real diskdrive or tape emulation)
  • Support for .d64 disks loaded from "real" 1541 emulation

JaC64 Running som C64 demos:
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For more information on JaC64 and some games

Please visit: The home of project JaC64 - jac64.com
Old home of JaC64 - dreamfabric.com

Sourcecode, etc.

Visit JaC64 on sourceforge JaC64@sf